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Light the Passion, Share the Dream. Faridabad Business Opportunity Meeting
28th August, 2011 was a very clear day after raining for days in Faridabad. More than 100 distributors gathered at Raj Mandir Hotel in Faridabad Haryana at 11:00 am to welcome the leaders who came back from 16th Anniversary Celebration on 3rd August at Tiens HQ in China. Distributor elites Mr. Pal B Basnayat and Manoj Kanti Dinkar-Bronze Lion Distributor, Mr. Rajesh Joshi, Mr. Sheikh Abu Zaid and Mr. R K Pathak-all 8*Distributor attended the meeting. The leaders were eager to share what they had seen and witnessed in Tiens International Health Industrial Park to motivate their team achieving their dreams. Ms. Ellen Hou-General Manager of Delhi branch and Dr. Vinay Srivastava-senior trainer were invited to the meeting as chief guests.  

Ms. Ellen and Dr. Vinay were felicitated by distributors

Mr. Manoj Kanti and Mr. Joshi were felicitated by the distributors

Mr. Pal was felicitated by his team leaders All distributors were listening attentively to the message from the successful leaders in fear of missing even one word 
Mr. Pal started the meeting by introducing the company profile with full passion. He named his system as “Pal B Basnayat International Diamond Club’, which stands for the concept that every one is born as a diamond. His aspiration motivates many more people to go to success confidently  Dr. Vinay was explaining the unique effect of Tiens food supplement through demonstration. Many distributors flocked to the front to have a close look of the demo. Seeing is believing. Every one was convinced by the high quality of Tiens product.  
Mr. Yograj-5* distributor from Solan Himachal Pradesh was explaining how to use health care instruments. His presentation was so perfect that no one felt that it was his first time to give product presentation before the crowd.  
After seeing the wonderful effect of the product many people got excited for the business opportunity. Mr. Pal shared the great vision of Mr. Li Jin Yuan-the founder of Tiens conglomerate and then explained how to build a great business through Tiens platform.  
Ms. Ellen concluded the meeting by enlightening the distributors with the company’s achievement and future planning. She excitedly introduced the most advanced facilities in Tiens International Health Industrial Park. She also shared the grand celebration of 16th Anniversary on 3rd August in Tiens HQ. She said: ’Tianshi India had become an independent sub-region which is directly under the administration of HQ. It means the company will provide more support to India market.’ She encouraged the distributors trust Tiens and follow Tiens to make great achievement in future.  

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